Oh what a bite can do for an Italian Girl….

Two months prior to my wedding my Great-Grandmother Rose passed away. She was full blooded Italian and because of her, I too carry on our Italian {food} traditions. Every Christmas she would bring to our home several pizzelle, which are an Italian waffle cookie. I remember even as a young girl admiring the beautiful detail of these cookies and counting down my bites at dinner so I could run and have one of my favorite cookies.

With that being said, can you imagine my excitement when a package arrived from linacucina? And then to find out it was filled with {no joke} the best pizzelle I’ve ever tasted. Bringing back memories of my sweet opinionated Italian grandmother – THANK YOU!

linacucina offers a wide variety of flavors as well, ranging from Vanilla, Almond or Chocolate to Creme Brulee, Lemon, Banana, Orange or Anise. So delicate and so delicious!Pizzelles from linacucina

Their pastries do not stop with a pizzella and they surely do not just stop with the sweets either. I honestly, in all my years of being 1/4 Italian, have never heard or enjoyed the taste of what I’m going to tell you about next: The Taralli. According to linacucina it’s the “The Italian answer to a pretzel! ” Made with wine, anise seeds and chili flakes in the dough. Seriously so amazing!

I am already counting down the days till my next order. This Italian bambina is strolling down memory lane, and enjoying every bite of it.

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