Little Baby’s Ice Cream {Philly}

Philly Style. A method of making ice cream using cream and sugar, along with the finest ingredients to flavor this ice cream into a superior product known for its extravagance without using eggs. In the late 19th Century, Philadelphia Style was the most sought after style due to its prestige, and the ultimate creamy taste coming from the 16% butterfat  content to make this super premium ice cream. Little Baby’s Ice Cream has provided the residents of Philadelphia with a new twist on this popular classic.


In addition to ice cream, Little Baby’s offers milkshakes and cookies, each with their own twists to the classic flavors. The Little Baby’s masterminds are constantly looking for new ways to come up with new creations, not only using classic experimentation techniques of flavors that complement, but using alternative methods to come up with new bestsellers. As well as premium versions of tradition flavors such as Bourbon Bourbon Vanilla and Birch Beer Vanilla Bean, Little Baby uses playful, non intuitive methods to discover their latest combinations such as the onomatopoeia Cardamom Caramel, and rhyming Coffee Toffee.

My favorite flavor however, had to be Grape Grapenuts. No, that was not a typo.  A hugely popular flavor in many parts of Pennsylvania, Little Baby’s has taken Grape Nuts ice cream one step further, once again using a literary pun to design a treat! The array of spices, combined with the delightful malted barley flavor makes a delicious change to traditional flavors. The ice cream tones down the crunch of the grape nuts to the perfect level to enjoy. This flavor is always going to be a winner for cereal lovers, but also has something to offer those who are just looking for something a bit different, but are not quite brave enough to take on the Chipotle Chocolate, or the polarizing naughty but nice, Earl Grey Sriracha.

Everything about this Ice Cream shop is new and exciting, yet at the same time, retro and classic. The Velvet red cord in the entrance way to the counter, the record covers on the wall, and especially, the custom tricycles where Little Baby’s Ice Cream began its life, shows you that this is one fun Ice Cream place that calls out to those willing to take a leap of faith. You know what they say; life begins when you step outside your comfort zone. You never know what wonders you will discover!

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