Little Shack of Sugar Gets Creative With Flavor

Little Shack of Sugar caught my attention with a tweet about Guava Cake w/ Guava filling and Coconut Frosting. So exotic!  Such a flavor that I WANNA try!  This little bakery is situated in Calabasas, California…I’m booking a flight from this chilly weather in Denver for sunny California, wanna come with me?

Even though I couldn’t personally try the desserts, Jennifer’s story has a certain sweetness about it.  I just had to share it and her creations with you. And luckily if you live in the area, stop by, she’s giving you a fab discount!  *Me jealous? HECK YES!!*  And for those of you looking online, protect your keyboard or you’ll short it out from the drool. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

SL: What is Little Shack of Sugar?

LSoS: Little Shack of Sugar is a bakery that specializes in custom desserts.  We do custom flavors, cake shapes, and sizes, and try to make our customers sugary dreams comes true.  Every order is made to order!

SL: How did you get your sweet start?

LSoS: I worked in a corporate job and would come home and destress in the kitchen making desserts. I couldn’t possibly eat everything I was making so as I passed the goodies out to friends and colleagues.   Their feedback was amazing, and led me to believe that I had a talent at reinventing desserts and flavor combinations.

SL: Tell us something unique about Little Shack of Sugar…

LSoS: Little Shack of Sugar strives to make every occasion and event memorable.  We love to be a part of our clients celebrations by giving them exactly what they want in a dessert, from making flavors specifically for clients, to creating cakes that are as unique as our clients.  We use all real ingredients, from real fruit in our fruit flavored cakes to the highest quality ingredients.  We support local business by shopping at farmers markets for our produce.

SL: What is the customer favorite?

LSoS: The customer favorite is The Gotta Lova Guava Cake.  It is a guava chiffon cake with guava filling topped with coconut frosting and toasted coconut.  This cake was specifically developed for a gentleman from Hawaii looking to capture the tropical taste of the island for a celebration of friends from his hometown.

SL: What is your favorite flavor?

LSoS: My favorite flavor is Sweetheart Strawberry cupcakes.  I love biting into in the strawberry cake made with real strawberries, and getting to the strawberry filling also made with real strawberries. The best part for me is eating the real strawberry frosting, which reminds me of strawberry ice cream.  It is various shades of pink and just feels like a bite of love.

SL:What does the future hold for Little Shack of Sugar?

LSoS: The future of Little Shack of Sugar will be automated online ordering, and a brick and mortar location.

SL:If you were a dessert, what would you be and why?

LSoS: If I were a dessert, I would be a mini cupcake – they are pretty, petit, the perfect mouthful of goodness and you can always go back for more.

Little Shack of Sugar was recently featured on the CalabasasPatch website and has catered desserts to Dancing with the Stars.

Sugar Loco readers will get $5.00 off their first order with Little Shack of Sugar.  Any Sugar Loco readers who use Little Shack of Sugar for their wedding will receive their cake tasting for free (a $75.00 value), they must be in the Los Angeles area.

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