Loco Kids: All things Cake Batter

Oh how I love it when a celebration comes around (I’ll even take a baby/wedding shower, wedding, teeth cleaning, etc) .  The first thing that comes to mind is CAKE!  I start day dreaming about it, what will it look like?  Will it be buttercream or cream cheese frosting?  Chocolate or Vanilla?  It’s not really about the celebration, it’s about the cake.  I’m diligently training my children to ask these questions too.

I thought it would be fun to round up some awesomely festive Birthday Cake “batter”  inspired ideas and slap them all into one page.

How about some sprinkled up Cake Batter Fudge?

A handful { or 8 } of Funfetti Buddies

Cake Batter Bark, anyone?

Cake Batter Pancakes for Breakfast.  Seconds please…

Dreamy Cake Batter Shakes…

Take Cake Batter Popcorn to the Movies

And this one is for Mommy and Daddy…  Cake Batter Martinis

Like what you see?  Show us some sugar…



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  • May 2, 2012


    Don’t forget Creamy Cake Batter from FreeStyle Yogurt in St. Paul!