Loco Kids: Bake Me a Cupcake

Pelican Bay Ltd.

My daughters have received several of these adorable mixes from Pelican Bay Ltd ranging from cupcakes to sugar cookies to hot chocolate.  They are perfect for teaching the kiddos how to bake and hey, they’re pretty good to eat too!

Rose is made her teacher the Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting.  One finger in that bowl of raspberry frosting (as a parent it is my responsibility to test it before the kids eat it) and they had me at “Rasp”.  All you need are a few simple ingredients to add to these mixes and voila! Home-baked cupcakes (or pancakes, or cookies, or dips, etc).  Didn’t she do a great job?  She labeled them too – with a sticky note – I wanna squeeze her.

Does your perfect little Rover or Fluffy have a refined palate and enjoy finer homebaked gourmet?  Well, then you’re in luck – they’ve got mixes for that too!  You can find doggie and kitty treats for your little fur balls.

Dress My Cupcake

You would never want to slap a cupcake on a plate and call it good (I can hear my husband rolling his eyes right now – he just doesn’t “get it”) presentation of your desserts is important to myself and those of you who agree will appreciate Dress My Cupcake and Cupcaketrees.  We all know the dessert is going to be delicious, but you’ll really have them salivating if the presentation is perfection too.  Cupcaketrees are the perfect solution to a quick (and might I add, inexpensive and easy to store) way to display your little sugary works of art.  You can even customize these trees to suit your event, when you’re done, just pull it apart and store it away in the box provided.  The large tree holds up to 300 cupcakes, the petite holds 40 – and there are many other shapes and sizes in between.  They offer all sorts of decorating tips and tricks if you need a little visual assistance.  You could seriously go nuts (and not in the looney way).


With your perfect little cupcake, sitting on your perfect little Cupcaketree, your normal little blah cupcake wrapper just won’t suffice.  You MUST have Dress My Cupcake wrappers.  Available in so many different color schemes you are sure to find one that matches your event – if not, they’ll do a custom wrapper for you too.  We received the Nasreen Cupcake Wrappers and I about flipped a lid when I pulled them out of the envelope. SO. DARN. CUTE!  What a fabulous idea.

Like what you see here?  Show them some sugar!

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