Loco Kids: Cake in a Cup

No, no…it’s not your morning Joe, it’s cake!  We are absolutely loving Cake in a Cup.  We made it for the first time at a neighborhood bonfire, and the kids loved having their own individual cakes.  The best part, they help make it and there’s no oven involved. 

*Disclaimer…I took these pics with my camera phone since we were “in the moment” and my camera was no where to be found.

how to make chocolate cake in a cup sugar loco

{stir it up!}

 how to make cake in the microwave

{ding! it’s done.} 

Cake in a Cup


  • 1 chocolate cake mix
  • 1 angel food cake mix
  • 1 cup mini chocolate chips
  • water
  • frosting or whipped cream
  • coffee cups


  1. In a large bowl, mix together both dry cake mixes and add the mini chocolate chips.
  2. Mix 1/3 cup of the dry cake mix & 3 tablespoons water in a coffee cup – stir well.
  3. Microwave for about 1:10
  4. Top with frosting or whipped cream

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