LOCO Kids :: Chocolate Glee Candy Kits

Did you know gummies are made from Seaweed?  And that chocolate was considered “the food of the gods” in the Mayan culture?  (Smart peeps)  Of course, YOU knew all of that, but what about the kids?My LOCO kiddos were thrilled to make, learn about and eat their own candy.  Rose worked the Make your own Chocolate kit.  She  melted, stirred and created delicious all-natural chocolate on her own (um, with adult supervision, of course).  She even took the chocolate “experiment” one step further and drizzled chocolate over marshmallows.

The kits are available in Chocolate, Chewing Gum and Gummies – though the Chocolate was our fave.  ($12.99 retail)

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…

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