Loco Kids: Cinco de…Churros!

Every fiesta needs a great dessert!  Want a fun way to teach the kiddies all about Cinco de Mayo?  Churros!  And no, these aren’t your skating rink, frozen churros – they’re completely homemade, easy and oh so…bueno.

And though I am pretty sure my Churros didn’t turn out in the traditional shape (my pastry bag tip wasn’t large enough) the taste was muy deliciouso.  Besides I thought my plate of curly Churros was fun.  The cinnamon, the sugar, the crispy pastry all did my mouth justice.

For a little more fun and flavor,  create the chocolate sauce…Feeling lazy? The hubs found that dipping them in Hazelnut spread is just as yummy!

I used this recipe from Xmission.com.

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