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Since we launched in January this year, our readership has grown immensely (thank you to you all who continue to share the Sugar Loco love, you’re *sweet*).  Every Friday, our Loco Kids edition has featured something fun for the kiddos to make or taste, while  in the meantime keeping your kids entertained for a while.

We’ve received some of our greatest traffic from the Loco Kid features, and I thought for all you new friends, we’d recap some of our favorite sweet things to make.

With it getting cold outside, making Edible Snowmen is going to be a much warmer, and yummier,  solution than gearing up and frostbiting your fingers. Marshallow Snowmen by Very Best Baking

Have kids with a refined (candy) palate? Get your chopsticks out because the kiddos will go ga-ga for our Edible Sushi recipe.Candy Sushi Roll

Even though these recipes were for St Patty’s Day – they’re colorful and creative and the perfect way to teach the kiddos about colors, rainbows, and who knows maybe a little leprechaun will make an appearance anyway.

Pink Kiss Cookies are a favorite amongst our fans, especially the kids.  They can easily help mom out with this yummy recipe.Pink Kisses Cookies

Too cold to go outside?  Simply make (and eat) your own dirt inside.  We’ve got two awesome recipes for Dirt Cake – the classic and the Eternally Doomed version.  Now go eat some worms!

This Peep Show is not what you think!  Create a cute little “condo” for your Peeps.  Super easy to make and super adorable to keep around.

We encourage everyone to enjoy their sweets in moderation and we’re thrilled to find healthy options too!  Here are some great ways to “trick” the kiddos into eating healthy desserts.

Pretend you’re camping with the kids out in the wilderness this weekend, but keep it in the living room.  Make all the best campfire treats like S’Mores, Pigeon Poop, or Peanut Butter Popcorn Crunch.  We’ve compiled a whole list of classics for your camping kiddos.no bake granola bars


Lastly, create one of the cutest, and edible, mini aquariums.  The kiddos will have a swimmingly good time making and eating these cuties! (har har)Jello and candy aquariums

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