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I know the drill all too well, seasoned school lunch packing veteran here.  For the first few weeks of school you were mom of the year.  You made fresh sandwiches (made from bread that was kneaded, with love, by your two hands), fresh baked cookies and left sweet notes of encouragement in every. single. lunch.  Then you hit week 3 and have no time to knead bread, so you opt for store bought,  you’re scammering for a healthier option to cookies off the shelf and now they’re lucky to get a napkin.  I found a few kid tested, mama approved sweets that when they’re not looking you could gobble up too!

Yo’Drops from Revolution Foods – worried about yogurt getting too warm, or unsafe?  No worries – Revolution Foods has figured out an organic way to crunch your yo(gurt).  Organic, 100% freeze-dried real fruit and yogurt.  Just how mama, I mean my kids,  like it.  My kids went gaga for over these and now request them in their brown bags, I mean eco-chic lunch bag, daily.

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GoodnessKnows – we ALL need healthy snacks to make it through the day.  At this time, only available in Denver and Boulder areas, these snack-squares are chock full of nuts, cranberries, nestled atop of a deep chocolatey layer called Cocoa Flavanols (which equals healthy) – does your taste buds and body good too.

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Orchard Bars – this bar was the one I “dibbed” before my kids…Though they set me straight and I ran with my tail between my legs to my room to think about what I did.  Filled full of fruits, nuts,  and seeds that do a body good – and chunked full of fruity flavor.  When they weren’t looking I tasted the Pineapple, Coconut & Macadamia Nut bar.  It was like a Pina Colada dancing on my tongue — so good.

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MoJo Milk – My kids love Mojo Milk!  This is a great tasting and less sugar alternative to traditional chocolate milk, plus it has probiotics.  They also love that it comes in individual packages, making it easy to bring along in a lunch box or anywhere!Website / Facebook / Twitter

O.N.E. Coconut Water – These Coconut Water juice boxes were a hit.  I love that they do not have any sugar added, and my kids love that they got to drink “juice boxes”.  They are a little more tart tasting that typical juice boxes, especially depending on the flavor you choose, but my kiddos enjoyed them all the same.  We loved the apple flavor and that they’re SWEET without the sugar!

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Omega Water – Rich in Omega -3 and sugar free, this is a healthy alternative, but definitely not the sweetest option.  Honestly, I liked the Omega Water more than my kids, so I would say grab a bottle of this for yourself!


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  • September 23, 2011


    Good finds, Jenny. I’ll hunt for most of them, already love Goodnessknows snack (for myself, kids not sure about nuts yet). But I’m looking for the pina colada bar first! That sounds delish. Oh, and I’ve wanted to try coconut milk for more than cooking, so this is on my list too. Whole Foods, here I come!

  • September 23, 2011


    Love these finds!
    We love Revolution Foods stuff. We eat a lot of it in our house.
    I haven’t tried the Coconut Water on D yet. He is weird about sweets this kid!