LOCO Kids:: Jello, not just for Grandpa

Kids LOVE Jello, true fact.  Growing up, for me, it was one of those fascinating textures that you would annoy everyone around you by figuring out 4,385 ways to literally slurp it down, while making the most gag-reflex-grossest noises you could – the louder the better.  Ever try sucking it up through a straw?  Eating it with no hands? Swishing it around in your mouth?  I’m sure you could add a million more ways to the pot.

I decided to throw together a bunch of fun and colorful gelatinous finds.  Since Jello is so easy to make you could totally entertain the kids by making one of these recipes this weekend.  Then put your earplugs in and prepare to ignore the noises.

Jello Worms  from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe –  made with bendy straws – Jello Genius!

Mini Jello Aquariums from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen – still one of my favorite Jello creations.


Sky Parfaits – our very own Amy created these cute cloudy confections all on her own.  

 Rainbow Jello from Glorious Treats – Rainbow Brite approved.

Rainbow Cherry Jigglers from the Tablespoon – How do they do that???

Like what you see?  Show us some sugar…


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