Loco Kids: Jelly Belly and Snapple Together . . . Forever . . . I Hope!

It doesn’t take much to sell me on Jelly Belly when my moniker is based on their product. So, without even tasting their latest brilliant sensation, you must read this blog with a bit of whimsy and know that I am a lifelong Jelly Belly connoisseur, they can do no wrong. Well . . their bacon flavor and buttered popcorn have never scored high on my favorite’s list. Maybe they should mix the two?

Onto bigger and better. And I mean MUCH better! Alas, what arrived in my mailbox last week? The latest and greatest from one of my favorite candy companies—Snapple-flavored Jelly Bellies in the darn cutest little plastic Snapple bottles. It was like a moth to light I ate them so fast. First off, the packaging is brilliant. It made for a great rattle for my baby, a wonderful bribe for my toddler and a delightful pocket size snack for me. Sold! I left the bag of mixed Snapple-flavored Jelly Bellies for my husband. He just doesn’t get as excited as the kiddos and I, no fun!

Second, the flavor. We ALL love Snapple. So this was obviously a marriage made in heaven combining the delicious fruit juices with the sugary treat. And the kicker, these flavors ACTUALLY taste like the beverage. Freaky, no, addictive, yes! Remember, lots can be done with sugar. My newest companions are Fruit Punch, Mango Madness, Cranberry Raspberry, Pink Lemonade and my favorite, Kiwi Strawberry.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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