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Forget regular gummy bears, strawberries or worms, the newest sensation is gummies that are big enough to eat a child, well, sort of.

Alas, what has arrived in my mailbox in the last month, nothing but the WORLD’S largest gummy bear and gummy alphabet letter. At first I just had to put these items on my desk and take it all in, then I literally took it all in and polished them off. However, this did take the help of some dedicated friends and a couple weeks of “working.”

Up first, the gummy bear. I got the orange guy who comes in a nice airtight package and on a stick. He is 1000 times larger than the regular gummy bears one would usually encounter. He looked great as a centerpiece in my office. He also has buddies. Giant gummy frogs, gummy tongues (kind of creepy), gummy worms and gummy bunnies. The bears come in 12 different flavors. I might not be able to eat an orange-flavored candy for a bit, but the cherry cola bear and fruity bubblegum sound intriguing. Taste, well, it’s exactly like the small version, just 1000 more bites of it. And, I was surprised by the fresh factor, didn’t taste stale at all!

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Onto lemon, or shall I say the lemon “J” from Ean Sweets & Snacks sent from Edible Gifts Plus. I loved the J, I hated to even destroy it, and barely did after a few bites, but I let my son polish it off. The company has all 26 letters in 7 different flavors for their Outrageous Alphabet line. Red / Cherry would have been my pick had I done it all over again. Note; this as well would make for an awesome centerpiece at a table or decoration for a party. And, one more very hip factor, a portion of the proceeds of the Outrageous Alphabet gummy goes to ProLiteracy. Eat sugar and do good, that’s my mantra.

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  • June 8, 2012


    wow! great concept!!!!!! I like it!