Loco Kids: Mom Made This

We’re always on the hunt for healthy sweets for the kiddos and I’m sure you are too.  This mama doesn’t always have the time to throw on the heels & apron and whip up a June Cleaver style apple pie.  In fact, the last apple pie I “baked” was at a drive thru that rhymes with ShhMcShonalds.  Sadly (play violins here).Thanks to Mom Made, these organic Apple Pie Munchies take two minutes to “whip up”, and are only 200 calories each.  I’d even use that brand name to my full advantage by telling my kids – “oh, Mom Made them“…milk it for all it’s worth.

These lil munchies also left my kitchen smelling like an apple fritter for a few hours afterward…All the benefits of baking, without the baking.  Gotta love it!

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