Loco Kids :: Pear Penguin = Happy Belly

What motivates kids to eat?  Cute food of course!  And what’s cuter than a pear dressed up as a penguin…um, nothing?!

Bean Appetit (available at Pottery Barn Kids), a cookbook for budding chefs, is a collection of adorably written recipes that any kiddo can help make and then happily devour.  Silly and sweet (in more ways than one) this book will get the kiddies chowing down on their fruits, disguised as dessert, and give them a happy mouth…and belly.

Pear Penguin

Each chef will need:

2 mini chocolate chips

2 white chocolate chips

1 pear

3 tablespoons chocolate chips, melted

1 thin slice of baby carrot, cut into a small triangle

1 fig, cut in half diagonally

You will also need: Pastry brush

1. Your penguins need eyes to see how cute they will become! Push the mini chocolate chips in the center of the white chocolate chips to form eyes. Now waddle like a penguin twice around the table.

2. Even though penguins can’t fly, they still need wings. Use a butter knife to carefully cut a slice in both sides of the pear to form wings, making sure to keep the tops of the slices attached to the pear. Use a peeler to shave the pear skin off in between the wings in an oval shape. This is the penguin’s white tummy.

3. Use a pastry brush to paint chocolate on the penguin’s body, everywhere but his stomach. Use a toothpick to notch a spot for each of the chocolate chip eyes and the carrot beak. Insert the eyes and carrot beak. Balance the pear penguin on a plate and place the fig halves for feet. Dress up in black and white clothes for this frosty feast!

From the book Bean Appetit: Hip & Healthy Ways to Have Fun with Food by Shannon Payette Seip and Kelly Parthen.

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