Loco Kids: Peep Show

Where do I begin describing Kasey and her blog?  I love her…I love her sense of humor, her style, her home decorating and especially her love of desserts.  She’s here taking over our site today to show you, ok and I guess your kids (if they must take over YOUR craft project) how to make the cutest homes for your Peeps.

On occasion…i will sit down with my children and do something that requires me to actually be a

hands-on…fun…totally cool…mother.

I might even win a ‘mother-of-the-year’ award this year.


I’m not counting on it though…because my youngest…


let’s just say i have to have a small little conference with his teacher next week.

Anyhoo…where was i?

Oh yes….fun mom comes out every once in a while…and that would be me….Kasey.

We made these little Peep Homes last year for Lola’s girl scout troop…and i thought i would

share them with you all.

You will need some graham crackers….i use the real deal….not the cheap ones because they break easier.

You will also need some squeezable white cookie frosting {wilton} to hold the graham crackers in place.

{i find the frosting at Joann’s or Target}

I find the candy grass at Target…

….and peeps are everywhere right now.

I like to try a few of the peeps first though…..you know…to make sure they are NOT poisoned.


My kids like to decorate the homes when we are done…so just find some little candies to use if you

decide to decorate the homes as well.

{i normally frost the sides..put the house together and have it sit overnight before adding candy}

Sometimes i will eat the candy while my kids put the houses together…and it’s been known…

that on occasion….that there is no candy left.

And voila…….the end product…..you’re very own….

Peep house

Like what you see?  Show Kasey some sugar…

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