Lola’s Is More Than a Sugar Rush

Aside from her morning “cupcake and coke” I truly believe that Lola (the head sweet and founder of Lola’s Sugar Rush in historic downtown Littleton, CO) was born with sugar running through her veins. Her energy is contagious and her sweetness overwhelming and I was obliged to meet the infamous sugar-loving Lola in person and get the VIP tour of her shop…But wait, I thought I was special… Actually everyone is important at this little sugar stand, every customer gets a “Hello”, a guided tour by one of their sugar-sampling professionals and a “Have a sweet day” on your way out – everyone is made to feel warm and welcome.

Sit down at this shop for a cup of Joe and a slice of Rum Cake by Kelli or walk down the confection filled memory lane.  Either way, you’re bound to get a sugar rush.

SL: What is Lola’s Sugar Rush?
LSR: Charming. Inviting. Fun. Delicious. Old fashioned.  A place to reminisce about the candy-coated memories of your childhood.

SL: How did you get your sweet start?
LSR: My nickname is “Sugar”…I’ve always like sugary sweets after every meal.  Even the first album I ever owned was “Sugar, Sugar”. I’ve always loved that this little indulgence doesn’t cost a lot.

SL: Tell us something unique about Lola’s
LSR: Lola’s Sugar Rush is run by family and friends – literally. My father helps maintain the shop and my two besties (of 17 years) are behind the counter (with giant smiles, giggling. Uh, what’s in that candy??)

Lola’s strives to have the best customer service in town.  Wanting a candy of yester-year?  She’s either got it stocked or will track it down for you.  “No problem”  Where else can you find candy corn year-round?  Lola’s!

SL: What is the customer favorite?
LSR: Candy cigarettes!  (They keep them up on the counter though, so they aren’t in eye-view of the lil one’s.)  Dark Chocolate Mint Meltaways, Retro Candy Bars are all faves.

SL: What is your favorite?
LSR: Every day is different.  I usually wake up craving something – this morning I woke up yearning for a chocolate haystack.  I’ll have my one little piece after lunch and then go on about my day.  But it usually just depends on the day!

SL: What does the future hold for Lola’s Sugar Rush?
LSR: Our online business is growing with our themed baskets.  I would absolutely love a second location, if we could recreate our same feel with the family and friends at the new location. I’d love to have a shop in Breckenridge (good choice, Lola…)

SL: If you were a dessert, what would you be and why?
LSR: A slice of heavenly cherry pie, a la mode (obviously). This explains Lola beautifully – cherry pie is a classic dessert – it’s retro, it’s sweet, with a hint of sour.  The great thing about a pie is family and friends can all share in the joy.

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