Longbranch Wild Turkey: Gobble Gobble

longbranch wild turkey

Alright alright alright. In my lifelong journey to become more Matthew McConaughney-esk I have experienced some highs and lows.

Did I really need to buy a new Lincoln because my guru told me it was the epitome of luxury? Yes. The mileage isn’t great but it brings me one step closer to wearing linen shirts on the beach, sandals all day all night and having the most luxurious GD hair in the world.

But I’m not here to talk cars.

I’m here to tell you about the best move Matthew McConaughney has done for the world: Wild Turkey’s Longbranch. Taking one sip of this deliciousness would even bring out the slow southern accent in a young man from Staten Island.

So get your Matthew McConaughney loving mouth over to a liquor distributor today and you’ll thank me. One small step for man, one giant leap for Matthew McConaugh-philes.

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