Love filled Woobie? {Phoenix}

A Woobie? What on earth is a Woobie?

When I was skimming through the local artisans that attend the Phoenix Open Air Market the Woobie Cookie instantly stood out. Round in shape, sprinkled in cinnamon spices these little Woobie cookies reminded me of something I would bake up for my family.

The moment I bit into a Woobie, the warmth of love and comfort overwhelmed me as I knew this treat was handmade for my enjoyment. Waiting before I nibbled into another I was brought back to my first question, “What is a Woobie”. In simple definition, a woobie is something or someone that brings comfort. A loved one, a favorite blankie or even a homemade Woobiedoodle, all filling your heart with warmth and delight.

I was treated to the four Woobiedoodle flavors which included, The Original – having the same characteristics of a snickerdoodle, Cocoa Ganache Woobiedoodle, Caramel Brulee Woobiedoodle and my favorite of all, the Cinnamon Vanilla Woobiedoodle which is stuffed with a sweet vanilla ganache. Certified Organic and Artisan Crafted, the Woobies have lived up to their name, providing the warmth and comfort of a childhood blankie. I am still cuddled into the corner of my couch, sipping coffee and nibbling on just…one…more…Woobiedoodle.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…..



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