12 Days of Chocolate: Perfect for Christmas and the Corky Chocolate Consumer @Lucascandies

12 days of chocolate with Sugar Loco

Wacky Names + Wonderful Tastes = A Personal Paradise

“Honey Badger”, “In Therapy”, “Gone Bananas”, “Haverstraw”, and “PMS” may not be phrases that you commonly think of when imagining the sweet and sugary flavor of chocolate, BUT you haven’t met Lucas Candies.

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Upon trying my selection of these uniquely labeled candy bars I was almost for certain that the name’s of each chocolate would be more intriguing than the actual treats themselves; I could not have been more wrong.  Each bar sampled was dynamic, interesting, and obviously delicious. I use the word “sample” loosely for once I unwrapped one chocolate bar, I was overly eager to devour more and quickly move on to the next flavor. Trust me when I say, Lucas Candies candy bars are addicting.

So since I have given you an over view and teaser of the names, let’s break it down my top picks.

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 Honey Badger… as the label states “ Sweet. With a Bite.” In summation, they couldn’t have said it any better. The mix of dark chocolate with pretzel was a classic and satisfying flavor. In fact I had almost completely swallowed before BAM… a surge of spice! Honey Badger is a must try for chocolate connoisseurs who are searching for a cutting edge sweet.

PMS, what can I say? This candy bar was honestly my favorite. Let’s be honest, how can you go wrong when a label that reads peanut butter, milk chocolate, and potato chips? Yes, potato chips. This ingredient adds a delightfully salty crunch to each bite. This bar is amazing and perfect for ANY time of the month! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Haverstraw was also in my top three. This bar was named in dedication to its hometown and the chocolate completely encompasses classic flavors. It is a textbook treat for the holidays. I will definitely be purchasing more Haverstraw prior to this month’s festivities. Break it up, display on a beautiful dish, and there you have a perfect Christmas sampler. It is toffee, milk chocolate, and coconut…. an instant holiday classic!

Lucas Candies can be purchased online at lucascandies.com. Check them out ASAP!

-Jordan J, Contributing Writer

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PS – we did devour these treats for free, but only write about our favorite things – this is our opinion

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12 Days of Christmas with Sugar Loco

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