Magnum GOLD?!

“Magnum” by “informal” definition, per  unusually great in power or size.  Though not overly huge, I could eat one the size of an elephant, the new Magnum Gold?! Ice Cream bars are MAGNUM in flavor.  The most luxurious ice cream brand is bringing you decadent vanilla bean ice cream with swirls of sea salt caramel dipped in a golden, and THICK, coating of Belgium milk chocolate.  Purchase these in minis (6) – which is really just a teaser, and taunts you into eating an entire box,  or choose the original size in 3 bars/pack.  MAGNUM Gold

The new Magnum Gold?! are so HUGE, they’ve got star-studded events surrounding this super star.  Fashion designer Zac Posen is launching a 24-karat couture gown inspired by the silky layers of this dreamy bar.  This dress was seen on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival’s short debut of “Good As Gold” with leading actor Joe Manganiello.  Why all the hub-bub?  Because they’re Magnum, and they can.  Magnum Sketch - APPROVED

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