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As a barista I’d like to think I know my fair share of coffee knowledge, the craft of coffee making. From Arabica, Columbian and French Roast, to macchiatos, americanos, cappuccinos and my personal favorite, the depth charge (that’s black coffee with a shot of espresso)- I’m familiar with it all. I have my favorite coffees and I have my “not so favorite coffees”. So to hear I was being sent some  Maison Camus coffee to try well let’s just say I was eager to say the least! 

Since 1863, five generations of the House of Camus have been renowned for the quality of their cognacs, and their appreciation of the finer things in life. The same master-blender skills and determination to accept only the best are now (as of April 2013)  applied to produce one of the world’s most exceptional Coffees. When the coffee arrived I opened the box to find their Signature blend and their French Roast waiting for me. I ripped open the seal on the Signature blend bag and took a big whiff.  Right away I picked out the rich aromas, powerful body with hints of hazelnut. Next it was time to give the French Roast the ol’ smell test. Like a lot of french roasts, it had a pungent, almost burnt, aroma that was prominent. I decided to brew the coffees and actually taste them the next day. I tried the Signature blend in the morning before work, in order to wake myself up after hitting the snooze button 4 times before dragging myself out of bed. A balanced blend of sweet and nutty coffee, rich and full bodied. A definite step up from what I was previously drinking. I tried the French Roast after I got home from work. A medium dark-roasted coffee with intense flavors, which they suggest is perfect for enjoying after a meal. Although it was hard to choose between the two, I liked the French Roast just a smidge more, probably due to my preference of a dark roast. 


Each of their blends contains the highest grade of 100% Arabica Beans. Their beans are cultivated in premium coffee growing regions in South and Central America. Each of their farmers adheres to a strict sustainable growing process to minimize environmental impact and preserve biodiversity. By helping sustain farmers and the environment we ensure the high quality of our beans. They analyze beans before each roasting cycle to ensure all parameters are set to achieve their high quality standards. Maison Camus coffee is available for purchase on their website as well as, and select locations. Both flavors are available as whole beans or ground and come in 8.8 oz packages for around $14.oo. 

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