Makin’ Ice Cream with Hamilton Beach

We love to eat Ice Cream at our house, but were so excited to actually MAKE IT with the Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker!  It was so easy to use…even with my little cuties trying to grab, and pour, and measure. 

 hamilton beach ice cream maker

We made vanilla ice cream and strawberry frozen yogurt.  I love that we could use our own fresh and organic ingredients, and it tasted great too!

The nice thing about the Cordless Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker, is that it makes a half pint.  That way I can make a single serving for moi, when I’m in the mood, or we can mix several batches to match everyone’s cravings for the next movie night.  Making our own ice cream was so much fun, and it definitely inspired me to get adventurous with flavors!

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…

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