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Knock, knock! Who’s there? Chocolate. Chocolate who? Marich’s seasonal chocolates! Well come on in, I welcome you with open arms! I’m a girl, I love chocolate, it’s encoded in my DNA.  Any flavor ( how about a black pearl bar) any form (chocolate covered potato chips anyone?)- if it’s chocolate I’ll consume it. So imagine the excitement that came over me when a box from Marich Chocolates showed up at my door- that was filled with some of their current seasonal flavor offerings.  


I have a confession to make- chocolate isn’t the only food that makes me weak in the knees, pumpkin does too. In fact the only reason I like fall is because that’s when companies start rolling out their pumpkin flavored products- pumpkin season if you will.  Pumpkin beer, pumpkin butter, and my personal favorite- pumpkin shakes from Culvers. That is until I tried Marich’s pumpkin spice caramels. Talk about to die for (no really, I’d might actually die for these!) The buttery caramels layered in pumpkin spice white chocolate makes it seem as if you’re enjoying a pumpkin pie in bite size form. Move over Charlie Brown, THIS is the new Great Pumpkin! And don’t try to eat just one, because let me tell you, it isn’t possible, no siree! I received two bags of these, and my boyfriend and I polished off one by the end of the night. The other bag I decided to tame my inner Miss Piggy and bring them to work to share. The consensus by my coworkers was the same, uh-mazing! 

I also received a bag of Marich’s dark chocolate sea salt caramels. I’ve been a fan of sea salt caramels for quite some time and these little  gems did not disappoint. In fact I also managed to consume the entire bag in one sitting! What can I say, the fusion of rich caramels encrusted in dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt makes it hard to resist just one. The last product I received was a bag of their triple chocolate toffee. These were also quite divine and highly addicting. I decided I wanted to savor these and limited myself to a couple a day to make them last. Hard to resist though with premium almond toffee in luxurious milk, dark, and marbled dark and white chocolate. You can find all three of these products on Marich’s website and various retail stores. 

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