Minnie with BIG flavor

Tracy and I agree, we’re both suckers for sweets –  SHOCKER, right?!  We’re probably both a little too enthusiastic when it comes to all these delicious finds, but we’re even more super-duper thrilled when it’s offered in a GLUTEN-FREE version for our friends with sensitivities.  WOOT!

Enter our new friends Minnie Beasley and her Almond Lace cookies (she can come visit me anytime).  Available in regular Almond Lace (regular or Gluten-Free) or Dutch Chocolate, these cookies have the most amazing buttery, almond flavor with the best crunch.

I snarfed politely tasted, like a lady of course, both the Gluten-Free and regular and couldn’t tell the difference.  I may have even dipped mine into Nutella…Maybe.

Find Minnie online or in various Whole Foods in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Sweet Deal Alert! 15%  off all online orders through May 31, 2011, with the code “SL15” at checkout.

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  • May 19, 2011


    I have to be honest…I HAD to eat one after I wrote this!!