Momma’s got a new {alcoholic} dessert she loves!

No, no sweetie, This is MOMMY’s Milkshake. Uh-hem — did I just say that? You bet your sweet booty I did!


This milkshake, the milkshake that the kiddos need to steer clear of, well, it comes with a bit of a story. There I was sitting with my beautiful bottle of Licor 43, contemplating how I would be enjoying this sweet nectar as I read the label of suggestions: serve over ice, as a shooter, with club soda, milk or fruit juices. MILK?!!! Did I just read MILK?!! I’ve tried my fair share of “Adult” Coffee beverages but I must say, I’ve never dabbled in the waters of anything near a White Russian. {I’ll leave that for “The Dude”}

So let’s see this milk they speak of. The label describes Licor 43 as “mysterious and seductive”. Well in my book, milk & alcohol are pretty mysterious so lets give it a shot! (no pun intended, really).

Holy Sweet Goddesses of  Alcoholic Nectar! Ice, Milk and a tipsy shot of Licor 43. Creamy goodness in a glass. But wait! You don’t think this Sugar Loco sweet loving lady behind the computer would leave something so heavenly alone, now would you? Add two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and you’ve got sheer bliss!

Ah-maz-ing! So no sweetie, This One’s For Momma!

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