Mommy Sneaks Kids Treat {Recipe}

Who here has taken a moment to read through my bio? Anyone? Anyone? Do you know that I LOVE COFFEE? I sort of just run on it and have at times asked my nurse friends if they would just hook an IV right up to my arm. Ahh, Coffee. Mmm.

Lately (ok, more like for months now) I’ve been on a Starbucks Double Shot Espresso kick. We buy them in bulk and am completely bummed when our grocery store doesn’t have them on sale. (Are you kidding me? You’re kind of making me feel guilty for my addiction when you raise the price)

Anywho. You’ll also see in my bio that I am a proud mommy of two and to be honest, find complete joy in getting the kiddos little unique treats. Recently I purchased them these super cute Chocolate Magic Milk Straws. I think part of my addiction in seeking out treats for the kids is the pleasure of trying them myself.

WELL , Let-Me-Tell-You! Double Shot with Magic Milk Straw?! Hello! Genius Idea Right Here.

Perfect “Mommy Treat” to sneak when the kids are napping.

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  • August 13, 2012

    Tammy and Parker

    I’m a Dr. Pepper over ice kinda gal….. ;D