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We’re going to take a minute to focus on mom today…..I know, it’s not Mother’s Day – BUT COME ON! I’m pretty sure we can block our brains from all the chocolate, caramel & cupcake cravings for just a second and reflect on all the good wisdom the women in our lives have shed upon us over the years.

Mother's Wisdom

My mother has always been in my ear throughout the years, especially now that I am a mother myself. Things I do now, I literally have deja vu of the exact moment in my childhood when she did or said the same thing. But I think her greatest advice has come now that she’s a grandmother (and owner of an ice cream shop). Advice from Grammy: EAT DESSERT FIRST!

(no joke – that’s what she tells everyone!)

I know as a Sugar Loco reader you’re like “HECK YA! THAT LADY KNOWS WHAT SHE’S TALKING ABOUT!” But in all seriousness, I believe she does!

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Eating Dessert First has applied to me throughout my entire life. ENJOY LIFE! That’s what she’s meaning. Enjoy the things that bring a smile to your heart, a joy to your tummy and a memorable experience to all. Enjoy the people you surround yourself with. Enjoy conversations and activities. EAT YOUR DESSERT everyday! Enjoy Everyday!

So when it comes to mom’s advice, always listen closely. They may sound silly on the surface, but deep down there is a true meaning to take from it.

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Sugar Loco is teaming up with their “Mom’s Wisdom” in sharing the importance healthy family hydration this summer. (Especially if you are one of our AZ readers – It’s already been above 100 degree’s for at least a month now!)

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Now Go Eat Your Dessert and Drink Some Water — Love, Mom


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  • Oh I love the suggestion of eating dessert first and eating it every day! Life is meant to be enjoyed. Great advice from your mom!

  • June 22, 2013


    I listen now to my mom (she’s 83), but sure wish I listened to her when I was younger. Hope you’ll read about mom’s wisdom.