Mrs. Smith Pies

Comfort. Something you seek on those days where things just didn’t go to plan. It can be found in a certain someone, or somewhere calming, but sometimes, it can be found through enjoying some sweet delight that takes all your troubles away with the reassuring cuddle of sugar. A good old slice of your mum’s (mom’s) apple pie would probably do the trick. Unfortunately for most of us, mum does not live close enough (there is a rather large ocean between my mum and I), or have enough time to simply whip one up on a whim. This is where Mrs. Smiths pies does a marvelous job of stepping up.

Found in the frozen section of your grocery store, these readymade pies come in over ten flavors, each with their own varieties, ready for their campaign in the battle of which flavor pie is best. From a Dutch apple with caramel to a blackberry cobbler, Mrs. Smith offers pies that look and taste as if freshly prepared by a loving mom, but without having to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas.

As the summer is fast approaching, I chose to try the peach pie. One of my favorite fruits, and a pie that can either be a major hit, or a major miss. Mrs. Smith Peach Pie with cream cheese frosting became an instant hit. Other than the torture of the 1 hour cooking time plus resting time (although there are varieties that only take 30 mins), this was one pie definitely worth waiting for. My enjoyment was heightened from the anticipation as the sweet scent of peach mixed with the fresh pastry filled my apartment as I waited.

MRS.SMITH'S® Signature Deep Dish Peach Pie with Cream Cheese Flavored Icing

From the beautiful golden, buttery crust, to the large slices of juicy peaches surrounded by a thick burst of spiced sweetness, this pie practically melted in my mouth. The cream cheese frosting drizzled over the crust topped it off nicely, and when put together with a nice big scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, it became a summer style hug in a mug (well, bowl actually, but mug rhymes!).

So next time you are seeking the comfort of some flavor in your life, take a look down your frozen aisle to find Mrs. Smith pies. They may not be as sentimental as your mum’s home cooked pie, but it will become an honorable stand in for any mothers pie, any day of the week!

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 PS – we did devour these treats for free, but only write about our favorite things – this is our opinion

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