Ms. Goody Cupcakes {Philly}

Cupcakes. Is it even possible to not like cupcakes? With the endless combinations of spongy, light, cake combined with creamy, smooth frosting, there has to be a dream cupcake out there for everyone. With its bright pink display and colorful interior decorations, Ms. Goody Cupcake catches your attention as you pass through the busy streets of East Passyunk.

Ms. Goody offers 12 varieties of cupcakes every day, five of which are her “Good ole’ reliable”, and the remaining seven change daily. Owner Gigi Andrews has a real talent for mixing up favorite combinations into one of a kind cupcakes and truffles that Philadelphians can love. Her monthly cupcakes have included Snowball, Irish Tator, Caramel Apple and Key Lime Pie and at the end of the day, the unsold cupcakes undergo a transformation to become unique flavored bite sized truffles.

As you sit by the Ms.Goody’s Cupcake window, with its simple, comfortable layout, you forget you are actually in a shop as you feel like you are sitting in a friends kitchen ready for a catch up on your busy lives. I tucked in to the themed Irish Tator cupcake, a light, fluffy, cinnamon cupcake, combined with a flavorful cream cheese frosting, topped with just the right amount of coconut flakes to give you a taste of Philadelphia (Irish) heaven.

The Truffles come in a multitude of flavors including pineapple, cinnaroll, maple bacon and Apple Pie. To my surprise, my favorite sweet of the day was the Cherry Chocolate Truffle. Not someone who was a big part of the Cherry Chocolate craze, I would not have guessed this would have been the winner for me. However, the pleasurable crunch to get through the chocolate shell with its sugar crystals, the soft, moist, rich chocolate cake contrasted with the chewy, tangy cherries was able to hit all the right notes. Almost tasting Cherry Coke-like, this truffle combination really worked, and all in a bite size chunk! The perfect size for those who find a cupcake just too big or too rich, (although, I am definitely not one of those people)!


Ms. Goody also has created hundreds of designed cakes for her customers that are displayed in a cute book displayed on the bookshelf in the front of the store, once again transporting you back to a friend’s kitchen as you look through her scrapbook. Designer themed cakes from a Macy’s Gold card cake to many varieties of Philadelphia sport team cakes, Ms Goody is sure to be able to create a specialty cake for any occasion.

So stop in, if you are looking for a place to feel at home while you indulge in a delicious treat, no need to look further, Ms. Goody is just what you need!

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