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I have the pleasure and blessing of being able to celebrate four generations with my mother and five on my father’s side, with some truly amazing women. Being in the kitchen and gathering around food is an obvious one, seeing as how my entire career revolves around cooking as does my mother’s. (She owns an amazing homemade ice cream parlor.) But when it comes to Mother’s Day, we are always trying to take the extra step in making it special for one another.

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As a mother now myself, I can hear my own mom’s voice ringing in my head wherever I am. Whether it be in the kitchen, out shopping or when I’m trying to figure out how on earth she made it out of the toddler years alive with a little girl like myself!

Over the years her voice is most apparent while I’m in the kitchen. I love that I remember tips she’s taught me or remember favorite recipes she’s created, but most of all I LOVE that I can call her at any moment (prior to 8:30 pm…she’s not a night person) and she will have just the answer I was looking for. She is constantly reminding me to “read labels for yucky ingredients”, to add my personal touch to everything I do and to exude passion in every moment, which is why I am absolutely head over heels about the products that World Market has to offer.

Mom and I (and my girly girl) love baking together, so while we were strolling the aisles of World Market we were literally so giddy to see all the amazing products to cook with (which like I said before, weren’t filled with all the “yucky” stuff). Thumbprint cookies were in order for our day and the store had it all!

#MyAmazingMom #pmedia @worldmarket Strawberry Lime Jam

I literally filled with excitement once I opened the jar of Strawberry Lime Jam, SO YUMMY! The next piece I was so ecstatic about were the adorable flower measuring cups, which are an absolute perfect gift for mom

#MyAmazingMom #pmedia @worldmarket  measuring cups

Here’s a little secret of ours, well sort of more like a guilty pleasure. WHILE baking, we enjoy nibbling on other goodies too! We always have and always will! So in anticipation of our nibble session, I threw in a package of World Market’s Dark Chocolate Coconut Lacey’s. (They have a few other flavors as well too!)

#MyAmazingMom #pmedia @worldmarket  Dark Chocolate Coconut Laceys

Once our delicious cookies were out of the oven, filled with Jam & Chocolate and devoured a few down the hatchet, I then began to grab the dishes I had picked out from World Market to fill.

My mom lives about an hour and a half from me and I’m never one to package things in a zip lock and call it a day. One of the greatest things I am grateful for is that my mom has always encouraged me to add my special touch to everything I do, even if it is just for me or just for mom.

I picked out an adorable set of decorative plastic-ware and also a package of napkins. I knew I wanted to surprise her with a little extra, since we did plan this as a “special baking day”.  I made a bow out of the paper napkins and ribbon and packaged up her cookies to-go!

#MyAmazingMom #pmedia @worldmarket Napkin Bow

For myself, I was strolling through the aisles when I came across an adorable selection of napkin rings! I KNEW it would look absolutely darling on top of the Apothecary jar I had chosen to use as a cookie jar — And It Did!

#MyAmazingMom #pmedia @worldmarket apothecary jar

My mom truly is amazing. She is an amazing friend. Amazing grandmother. Amazing Inspiration and most of all, I am amazed that I’m the one that can call her mom.

We always have a wonderful time together making memories. And thanks to World Market we were able to make one more!

You can find all of these great items at World Market – Home of the greatest gifts for mom this Mother’s Day! Also for fun inspirations follow WM on Instagram or Pinterest.

#MyAmazingMom #pmedia @worldmarket

I know your mom is just as amazing as mine! World Market is hosting a My Amazing Mom Sweepstakes and you can nominate your mom too!

Facebook fans can nominate their mother for a chance to win a $5,000 World Market gift card. Fans will upload a photo of their mother and tell us what makes her special. Once the photo and essay is complete, Facebook fans can share their entry on their social media channels and ask their friends to vote for her. The top 5 submissions will be entered as finalists and CPWM judges will review and choose a final winner. Don’t want to nominate your mother, no worries you can still enter our Fan Sweepstakes. Simply follow us on your favorite social media channels (this must be done within the Facebook application) for more chances to win one of 10 $500 World Market gift cards.

So technically there are 3 ways to participate..

* Nominate your mother for a chance to win $5K

* Browse gallery and vote for your favorite submission

* Enter to win our Fan Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of 10 $500 WMGC

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