My Little Cupcakes are a Piece of Cake!

Holy cow is this genius.

You would have to be living under a gluten-free rock to not have heard of the cake pops craze by now. They are EVERYWHERE! And why not? They are adorable, and seemingly perfect for every occasion (from a kid’s birthday party to a black-tie wedding).

The problem is getting the shape just right. Not so easy, and there’s nothing sadder than a cake pop that is lumpy, misshapen, lopsided……… get the picture.

Allow me to introduce My Little Cupcake!

my little cupcakeJeanette Facey is a mom of 3 and lover of cake pops. She particularly loved the cupcake pops featured on Martha Stewart’s show and was frustrated by the process of getting just the right shape. So she created her own mold and a business was born.

my little cupcake

Even better? She uses Oreos and cream cheese to create a no-bake (!!!) recipe that comes together easily, and is perfect for making with even very young children. The molds come in four shapes – cupcake, ball, cone and heart – and the web site is filled with beautiful and creative ideas.

my little cupcake

Like what you see? Show them some sugar……..


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  • What an awesome idea!! I’ve never actually tried to do cupcake shaped cake pops, but I would imagine it would be quite hard to get the shape just right. Yay for great thinkers!