My new Second Home {Denver}

There is a change in the dessert menu winds here in Denver, mark your calendar for right now to visit Second Home in Cherry Creek to taste their new outta-this-world creations.  Chef Bolton blew my mind with one of his newest creations, and my favorite, Bacon Doughnuts.  Like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life, this dessert keeps you coming back for more because the flavors are so incredibly intriguing.

Second Home is known for its trendy comfort foods, so why wouldn’t they have doughnuts on the menu?  Adding bacon to them only makes you want to curl up next to a fire…oh wait!  You can indulge in Bacon Doughnuts by their cozy outdoor fire pit, just like home.

These are no ordinary doughnuts topped with bacon, these are manlier with chunks of real bacon fried in the dough and powdered with bacon dust (there really ARE bacon fairies!).  But wait! That’s not all…  The doughnuts are piled atop a bowl of bacon caramel for dipping.  Instead of butter, Chef uses the bacon fat for the beloved caramel sauce.  I’d like to bathe in that sauce, I assume it’s good for your skin? No?The other dessert I could NOT get enough of was Sugar Mama’s Rum Cake.  I’d gladly become a sugar mama if it meant I could eat this buttery, rum cake daily.  The secret to it’s crispy outside is the pizza oven.  The rum cake (made with Myers Dark Rum) is carefully smothered with pecans and caramel raisin sauce and then toasted at a super-high heat.   Topped with creamy vanilla gelato, this makes the perfect snuggly treat for your belly. Stick a fork in me….I’m done. Until tomorrow.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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