Neon Marshmallow Pops {Recipe}

 Mmmm, marshmallows.  I don’t know what it is, they really don’t have much flavor, but when adding things to them (like coating them in chocolate, or white chocolate here) or adding them to things, it just makes desserts better.  I love them…Don’t be a hater.  Spring Marshmallow Pops

POPCosmo is all about the, well, POP.  From fun recipes to fashion, and all kinds of other stuff that will suck you in.  Just go check it out.  And how much fun are these candy coated Neon Marshmallow Pops?  I know, the cutest! Birthday Marshmallow Pops

Neon Marshmallow Pops

– Kraft Jet-Puffed Jumbo Marshmallows
– White Candy Melts or Vanilla Candy Coating
– Assorted Candy Toppings
– Neon Candy Dye
– Lollipop sticks
– KC Bakes Stand (or Styrofoam)
– Ziploc sandwich bags

1. Dip the tip of each lollipop stick into melted candy, then insert them into the marshmallows. Let them firm up for a few minutes before dipping the pops; this will give the pops a little bit of extra support.
2. Consider your toppings and your timeframe carefully. Marshmallow pops that are fully coated in candy can sit out for quite a few days with no problem. However, certain toppings will go stale (like cereal) or can get gooey (like Pop Rocks) if they are exposed to the air for too long.
3. For the green and yellow neon dye in this post, I used AmeriColor “Electric” Soft Gels. Unfortunately, these dyes have water in the ingredients, any type of water will make chocolate seize into a hard lump. To get around this, AmeriColor makes a product called Flo Coat, which you add to the chocolate prior to adding the dye.
4. For the pink neon dye in this post, I used Make’n Mold pink candy dye, which can be found at most local craft stores. It is oil-based, and mixes into candy beautifully. Its actually marketed as their “pastel” collection, however keep adding more dye for an intense neon-like hue.

*For more detailed instructions on using neon dyes, click here.

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