New Craft Cocktail Kickstarter From Our Friends @Mantry !!!!!

We know our readers like drinks and desserts, but EVERYONE likes to be more involved with what they consume, so why not get in on the ground floor of an AWESOME new kickstarter?

This one was put up by a really cool company called Mantry – they get their name from a portmanteau of “Modern Man’s Pantry”. If you go to their site, you’ll see that they offer crates of the artisinal, American foods that every man (and probably lots of women too) wants in their kitchen. Now, they’re offering this- From their Kickstarter page

Basically, it’s a cocktail version of the food crates they’ve been sending out for years now. But it’s not just a simple “Cocktail of the Month” club. These ingredients are carefully curated from all across the country, so you know the recipes you’ll be making have been meticulously designed to bring you the absolute BEST drinking experience possible. Each crate comes with these top-of-the-line ingredients as well as the recipes they’ll go best with.


And this isn’t some fly-by-night operation either. As you can tell by the fact that they’ve far surpassed their goal, LOTS of Mantry customers want this service to happen. The good news is that a lot of their slots for the bigger donations are still open, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get awesome and/or limited edition Mantry products at a great price. 400 people and counting can’t be wrong – Mantry’s Craft Cocktails service is going places, and fast.

Show them some sugar on Kickstarter!  Or, if you need even MORE info on how awesome Mantry is, head over to their Homepage!

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