New Menu :: VanGogh’s Dessert Masterpieces {Denver}

Palette’s has taken the works of Van Gogh as inspiration for the new menu during VanGogh’s stay at the Denver Art Museum.  And an exquisite little dessert and cocktail menu, at that.

Taking subtle cues from VanGogh’s French Countryside style paintings, rich in sunflowers and fruit trees, it was easy for them to become inspired and incorporate the flavors and textures into the desserts.

My fave Classic Vanilla Creme Caramel, candied sunflower seeds, berries – cross between a flan and custard, this one was rich in vanilla and burst in flavor when combined with the berries.

“Starry Night” inspired – Frozen Vahlrona Chocolate Souffle, berry coulis, cocoa tuille.  Frozen chocolate souffle, which has a similar texture to hardened ice cream, yet much creamier chocolate flavor. One of the prettiest desserts on the menu. 

Warm Apple Clafoutis, creme fraiche, cinnamon phyllo haystack – an extremely moist apple spice cake, topped with flaky cinnamon phyllo, and extra creamy creme fraiche.  As classy as it looks, it’s total comfort food cake.

This menu is only around as long as good ol’ Vince is a house guest at the Denver Art Museum.  He’ll be packing up his bags, and taking this menu with him, on January 20, 2013.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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