New Snack Season, New Product Line at CVS

Did your team win the Super Bowl? Were you loving the sibling rivalry? Or were you just in it for the Beyonce Bowl? Come on – you can tell me. (Heck – I was the chick that rooted for the Raven’s because I only had a purple shirt clean – great way to pick a team right? – Hah!)

Well, now that the hype of the season is over it’s time to gear up and prepare for a new season, new players and new coaches. Are you ready?CVS Gold Emblem Helmet Package


Just like the teams – CVS Pharmacy is launching a new product line, sure to impress and get the fans (or customers) fired up and excited!

Their Gold Emblem products are super delicious and perfect for when you’re on the go and looking for a snack you can count on. I mean, come on – Chocolate covered almonds, chocolate chip cookies, gummy bears and even a line of flavored drinks. These snacks are great for the entire family.

Stop by your local CVS and check out their new line of products. You’ll be pumped! Now – let’s go boys! (Do I sound like a football coach?)


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