New SideChef App hosts Foodie Happy Hour at YouTube Space LA!!

Sugarloco was invited to Foodie Happy Hour at YouTube Space LA last Thursday, and it was AMAZING!!! The Happy Hour was to celebrate the launch of a great new cooking app, SideChef! (You can download it from the Apple App Store here. Go ahead, we’ll wait.) SideChef is an innovative step-by-step cooking app that gives you ingredients, instructions, and pictures from every step in the cooking process, so you know that you’re on the right track with your recipes. With food, drink, and dessert recipes from respected chefs around the world, it’ll have you cooking like a 5 star culinary artist as soon as you finish the download! Our favorite part – It was funded through Kickstarter, so you know A LOT of people wanted to see this app happen!

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It’s packed with really useful features, but a couple really stood out to us. The first is their rating system. The problem with a normal 1-5 star system is that the reviews tend to average around 2.5-3 stars over time. The result is that it’s hard to tell which of the longer-lived entries are the quality you’re looking for. SideChef solves this problem by adding buttons that allow you to tag a recipe as being photogenic, impressive to guests, cheap and tasty, healthy, etc. This way, you know before you start cooking what to expect, and you can choose recipes based on your needs. You can also go back and edit your feedback, which will be useful based on how impressed everyone’s going to be with your newfound cooking skills!

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The other feature we love is the Table – this allows everyone to see what you’re cooking, and lets you browse the recipes that your friends have made. This is really attractive to the Pinterest crowd, who, as VP of Marketing Megan Westerby puts it, like to “cook with their eyes”. The thing they do better than Pinterest, though, is that they offer the recipes right there on the same app, and they’re super easy to follow. So that crowd that likes to see and share the pictures of food that others have cooked has a chance to cook that food themselves. And anyone who puts in the time and makes enough delicious food can become a SideChef celebrity!

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One last note – you can sign into the app on Facebook, but you’re not required to have a FB account to log in. On top of that, each time you make something you have to opt-in to have it posted on your feed. Megan made a point of how important that was to the SideChef team – apparently some members of the staff who will remain nameless were embarrassed by the music that Spotify chose to share on their feeds. So no worries frat bros and manly men – SideChef won’t post that you just made raspberry tarts for the 4th day in a row.

We know that we promised you a “Foodie Happy Hour” post, and we didn’t even mention the food, but stay tuned. We’ll let you in on the DELICIOUS desserts and treats that we got to sample soon!


Interested in learning more about SideChef? Check out their website here, or skip that part and go straight to the download!


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