NEW :: TAG Burger Bar {Denver}

I’m sure Troy Guard’s new culinary spot, TAG Burger Bar, has the most beautiful and succulent burgers around, but can I put a vote in for renaming the joint to “TAG Shake Bar“?  Pretty Please?  As an avid shake connoisseur, since just out of the womb, one of the most exciting things I’ve come across is the Shake Bar at the newly revamped TAG (formerly Madison Street).  

You want boozy?  You got it.  You want it laden with candy?  Slam it down, sweetheart.  You want shakes with an entire slice of pumpkin pie in the ice cream?  Put a spork in me, I’m done.  I’m for reals, like pinky swear for reals, when I talk about these incredible shake options.

Now, onto the shakes I couldn’t stop slurping…

The Regular Kentucky Woman – Bourbon, whole milk, sea salt caramel ice cream, & strawberry ice cream.  A “curvy” shake with an amazingly smooth Bourbon flavor, complimented by the Sea Salt Caramel ice cream, and a sweet strawberry behind *wink, wink*.  Seems like a complicated coupling, but it all works beautifully (just like a lady).

SeasonalPumpkin Pie – yes, my heart got incredibly went all fluttery when I was told those are Caramel Candy Corn on top.  Don’t even get me started on how much I loved them.  Alchemy Ice Cream from Boulder, CO, makes this ice cream special for TAG.  They dump an entire fresh-baked pumpkin pie into the ice cream mixture.  That pumpkin flavor? It’s REAL! 

Fried Oreos drizzled in Nutella, yes, I’ll have seconds before my firsts, please.  TAG has brought the typical fairground staple into the restaurant and damn, they’re good.  Like pillows on the outside, with a warm Oreo chew on the inside.  Here’s a tip:  try dipping those seductive sweets in your Kentucky Woman shake.  I promise, she won’t mind a bit.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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