New York’s Ben and Jacks in PHOENIX {Scottsdale}

Who here is from the East Coast? Any Ben & Jack fan‘s out there?

Ben and Jack's Steakhouse

If you’re from the East Coast, then you LOVE your East Coast Food. (At least that’s what I’ve been told by several Italian New Yorker’s, and granted I’m Italian, but when it comes to a New Yorker – I’m gonna listen!)

Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse recently opened their newest location in Scottsdale, Arizona with their prime dry-aged steaks and well known New York desserts.

Ben & Jack's Desserts Apple Struedel and Pecan Pie

Shipped directly from New York, Ben & Jack’s complete dessert menu will give you the taste as if you were hanging out on the East Coast as one of the locals. At the top of my list was their Apple Strudel and Pecan Pie. The apple strudel found its way to my sweet tooth quick with its light flaky crust, dominant cinnamon flavor and warm delicious apples. Above all though was the “Schlag“. O-M-G!!! Heaven on a plate. They seriously deliver a plate full of thick whipped cream (aka Schlag) that you can spoon on top of each dessert! SO DELISH! Next time I might just order myself a plate of that!

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