Hey Nonni Nonni!

Where to begin? With the sweet? With the savory? With the crunchy yet perfectly nommable? With the ONLY 100 CALORIES? Hmmm, well I won’t start with the calories because I was shoving these bad boys in my face a leeetle bit more than one at a time. They are so good!

I was lucky enough to try the Salted Caramel flavor and sugar sweet honey pie all things holy, Hello! They were very good. Salted caramel is the dessert craze of the decade for good reason. It’s a freaking heavenly combo. And somehow Nonni’s has managed to incorporate this delicious flavor-splosion into its individually wrapped (so as to stay uber fresh) twice-baked cookies in a way that is at once delicious and nicely moderate in the calorie department.

Nonni’s uses a century-old family recipe to make their yummy biscotti in other flavors as well. You can try cioccolati (chocolate dipped), decadence (dark chocolate & almond dipped), limone (fancy for lemon), originali (do you ever feel like you secretly know how to speak Italian?), toffee almond, triple milk chocolate, turtle pecan and more. You can find them at many a grocery store and we even spotted a big box at CostCo last weekend. Biscotti party! Let’s do this thing.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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