Now you See(s) it, Now you don’t

Within a matter of minutes, my doorbell rang, I picked a package off my porch, ripped into it, sat down at the kitchen table,  inhaled 4 delicious Winter Wonderland chocolates and then looked up to see my husband giving me that “look”.   So I said, pretending innocent in the whole situation, “Did you see what just happened?”  as if an alien shot down from the sky, ravaging my lifeless body, devouring all chocolates in sight.  I’m not lying, something possessed me.Maybe it’s my fond memories of See’s Candies that put me in that trance-like state?  Annually, Santa would come to my Grandma’s house in Arizona, asking us what we wanted for Christmas.  Of course, I knew “Santa” was in possession of  Gourmet Lollypops.  We could skip the interrogating “have you been a good girl” and “what do you want for Christmas” questions and just jump to the part where – when is the old man handing over the candy?! (I’m no dummy)

The Winter Wonderland Chocolates would be the perfect hostess treat or stocking stuffer.  Its little box is jam packed with yummy Scotchmallows (oh my), Butterscotch squares, and little chocolate balls.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…

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