We’re Nuts over these pecans from pearson farm!!

There is no denying the quality of Georgia pecans. Having been in the business of growing only the finest pecans for more than 100 years, you could say that the folks at Pearson Farm know a thing or two about how to grow them right. Their pecans, all grown on the farm in Fort Valley, Georgia, are ready to ship directly. When it comes to using Georgia grown pecans in all of your recipes, or just to eat a handful, know that you can count on Pearson Farm to deliver on our promise of quality.
From salted, to roasted, to chocolate covered, they have something that will satisfy every palette. www.pearsonfarm.com! Pecans are super delicious caramelized, in pie, on muffins, in loaves—the possibilities are great! Get your hands on some of these pecans and have fun in the kitchen! Also check out their facebook and twitter for further excitement.

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