The Nutwhat God’s were listening….and they answered! @Nutwhats


This is not a Joke, Folktale, Big Fish or fantasized story I’m about to tell you. This is all truth and my jaw is still on the floor in amazement.

One afternoon I’m sitting at my computer and out of the blue I get a craving for Nutwhats. Really? Where did this craving come from? I haven’t had a Nutwhat in nearly a year. Hmm….just keep working, the craving will go away. Nope, still here.

So then, the craving turned into an obsession. GOTTA HAVE A NUTWHAT!

YES! I know they sell them at the Gilbert Farmer’s Market here in town. But wait, I have plans Saturday morning. Ok, if I switch this errand with that errand, then I’ll be technically in the neighborhood, so it would be almost rude if I didn’t stop by and pick up a bag. Right? Yes, yes, this will work. I will be having my Nutwhats this weekend! Perfect.

::This is what goes on in my head……quite often actually::

Satisfied with my sweet plan I continued back with work and soon it was time for bed.

Then morning came. I poured myself a cup of hot coffee. Sat myself down for another day of work when all of a sudden my doorbell rang. The kiddos yell “A package! A package! A package!”

To my COMPLETE SURPRISE what was in the package?? NUTWHATS! Shut the front door! A package of Nutwhats!

The God’s heard me on this one. I quickly ran to my computer, checked my sent box to see if I slept walked last night and sent Nutwhats an email requesting something. Nope, nothing. This could be none other than the Sugary Sweet Nutwhat God’s answering my prayers!

Thank YOU! Heaven knows how much I love these things.


Nutwhats has released a few new flavors and I must say, I have found the one that tops all flavors: The Cashew Coconut Scribble. Coconut and Cashew Nutwhat Scribble madness drizzled in chocolate. So delcious.

They also have their Salted Almond Scribble and new Green Chile Beer Britty. The Green Chile Beer Britty is quite interesting and delicious. At first it tastes like a delicious peanut brittle until quickly you get a kick of spice! I did crack open a dark beer and enjoyed this brittle while watching a football game with my hubby! It was perfect!

You definitely need to hop on the Nutwhats Bandwagon here – it’s amazing! You can find Nutwhats at  AJ’s Fine Foods, Farmers Markets and online.


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