Nutwhats? What are Nutwhats? {Everywhere}

Door bell rings. Dog barks crazy.

Open door. Large package. Super Excited.

Race into kitchen. Grab scissors. Stop in awe of the adorableness in packaging. Rip open bags {wait, I used scissors, I’m not that strong}.

Daughter: “Mommy, mommy what is it!”

Mommy: “Well, sweetie, I don’t exactly know what it is……..I can tell you that what it is, is wonderful! But I have know idea what IT is”.

So what is it?

Nutwhats are what they are and I’ve officially boarded the “Cravin Train!” Woot! Woot! These highly addictive little clusters are packed full of flavor. Owner, Lisa Rast has taken a lifelong passion of creating in the kitchen and created…..well….I don’t know what she’s created. She’s either a mad-woman or a genius, either way I’m a customer!

Sampling just a few of her flavors, I have to admit, the Cashew Coconut Scribble was my fave. (I know, I know, I think I’m becoming a coconut fan).

A close second to my favorites was her Cherry Almond Scribble! Sorta chewy, sorta crunchy, sweet, salty, chocolately nuggets. Yep, that’s what they are.

Don’t ask questions, just get yourself some Nutwhats.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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