Soupy Sundae No More! – Updated with Coupons!

We posted this awhile ago, but now the folks at Brookstone have been sweet enough to point us towards some coupons!

Here’s the link to the Obol

And here’s the coupon page!

I think it might finally be time for me to invest in one of those massage chairs 🙂

End Update.

Hot. Fudge. Sundae. – Bomb delicious, right?

The rich chocolatey liquid delight, smothered all over your favorite creamy vanilla ice cream. It’s the comfort of something warm with the childhood fun of a bowl of ice cream.

But don’t you just hate when you can’t eat it fast enough and all your ice cream has melted??

Here’s the reality check for me, the days of sitting on the couch enjoying each smooth bite of an ice cream sundae are long gone. With an 18 month old and an almost three year old, I’m cleaning spilled ice cream drips off the couch, sharing my ice cream until I realize there was really no sharing BECAUSE I DIDN’T GET ANY and if I can sneak my sundae without any children knowing by putting it ……oh….say in the cupboard between bites ….than my ice cream has completely melted into a soupy mess.

But have I got the solution!

The Obol my friends…the Obol. Designed to keep your cereal from getting soggy in milk, the Obol is crafted to keep separation amongst your food. Uh-hem….like ice cream and hot fudge or say cookies and ice cream, soggy cookies no more. Genius right? I know, I know – thank me later.

Now, although I have not given you the solution to hiding the sundae from your children, I HAVE informed you of a super genius idea that’ll keep your favorites from getting soggy, melted, soft or soupy!

Great for cookies n milk too! Yum.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…



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