Olive + Finch – Lunch and Then Some Munch at one of Denver’s Most Celebrated New Eateries and Bakeries.




We must preface in this post that this particular Denver eatery, which has been opened for less than a year, has already won numerous awards in the Mile High City, so its got to be good to rack up that many accolades in a short time frame. However, Olive +Finch is the third child of esteemed Denver Chef, Mary Nguyen, who opened her first Vietnamese bistro Parallel Seventeen in 2005, followed by Street Kitchen Asian Bistro in 2011, and then the opening of this trifecta of perfection, Olive & Finch.


“My goal with Olive + Finch was to draw on the tradition of local, handcrafted, chef-inspired food. We offer fresh baked pastries, a full coffee bar, fresh-pressed juices, artisan sandwiches, hearty soups, tasty salads and a variety of prepared foods in our marketplace that are available to-go for those folks that keep a busy life.  And we always strive to serve locally sourced, organic and sustainable cuisine,” said Mary Nguyen, owner and chef at Olive + Finch.



It’s hard to deny lunch, brunch or even dinner whenever going in for a Sugarloco tasting. And, of course, we did not pass up the opportunity with the “eateries’’ infamous eclectic juice concoctions, enormous lunch sandwiches and sizzling breakfast platters that are both gorgeous and nutritious. Onto what we are here for. . .why do you need to go to Olive & Finch this weekend for the Easter holiday, or really, another time, for that matter.


Onto the sugar rush, where do you start? The first thing that is going to greet you at Olive & Finch is the most alluring of display cases packed with scratch made sweets that are hard to find other places in the city such as Mary’s famous Dolce de Leche Alfajores (a South American delicacy and constant craving). There is so much to choose from that is all baked right behind the display case, it spills over to the counter for even more temptations.


I was tempted, and I couldn’t be stopped. And, once I thought I had stopped, there was the ultimate sugar fantasy waived in front of my mouth. It was Mary’s strawberry tart, and gluten free too. I must disclose, I also tried the chocolate raspberry mini cake, it was  nothing short of exceptional. In between thanking Mary and nibbling on my most favorite tasting to date, and sips of the  “All in One” juice,  a blend of apples, beets, carrots, watermelon, cucumber and ginger.  I reached dessert ecstasy and needed to be boxed up (both me and the leftovers) and sent on my way only to long to come back immediately. And, this I did. I had to get to go there with dessert 48 hours later, true story, Mary saw me there! Trust me, it was that good.

easter basket

Onto Easter and Olive & Finch Baskets that include an assortment of house made peeps, box of dark or milk chocolates, box of House made coffee truffles (6), box of macaroons (6), box of Alfajores (6), “Going to the dark side” chocolate bar from chocolate therapist, “Berried in Chocolate” bar from chocolate therapist, “Down by the Sea Salt” sea salt and chocolate bar form chocolate therapist, 4 ounce jar of Jelly Belly’s—Price is $100 includes and includes basket, wrapping and $10 gift card with notecard. MUST ORDER BY SATURDAY. www.oliveandfincheatery.com or 303.832. 8663, 1552 E. 17th Avenue, Denver, CO 80218.


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