Oogave, your sweetness makes me happy

When I find a product that satisfies my sweet tooth, while not making my jeggings yell at me from ripping at the seams, I’m thrilled.  It’s about the sweet factor.  It doesn’t even have to be pure sugar, in fact Agave is actually up there on my favorite list of sweeteners, I add it to everything.

Oogave organic sodas are one of those beverages that had my wheels turning, only 100 calories and made with pure organic agave nectar, making it easy to drink.  I love it so much straight from the bottle that I wanted to try adding it to everything around me, and that’s exactly what I did.  I made a sweet introduction to my Pinot Grigio one night and found that I had made a lovely pairing.  It added a little bit of sparkle and fruit flavoring to my boxed wine. …err, I mean my fine, really expensive bottle of wine.  I started imagining all of the things I could do with my Oogave – making popsicles for the kids, check, bake with it, check check (recipes to come), bathe the kids in it.  Ok, I’m not that crazy, but imagine how good they’d smell if I did!

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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