Oreo Reindeer Cookies {Recipe}

I saw this recipe on Pinterest and immediately pinned it. I thought it was the perfect recipe to use for our annual “girl’s Christmas baking day”. Long story short- I went to the store to pick up ingredients, they were all out of Nutter Butters, so in a last minute decision I decided to ditch the Nutter Butter snowmen recipe and improvise. I decided to take inspiration from one of my absolute favorite holiday treats we used to make with my dad (Pretzel Reindeer), and thus my Oreo Rudolph cookies were born! Ok, ok so I might not be the only who has come up with this idea, but this is MY version and I’m quite pleased with the way they turned out, although nothing will beat my dad’s “reindeer”! Might I add this is a fool-proof recipe ideal for making with kids (I had my nephew help me execute these guys, and soon enough he was taking over the whole process!)

Oreo Rudolph Cookies
1 package Oreos
Chocolate flavored Almond Bark (half a package made 18)
1 package Eye candies (a dollop of piped white frosting and a dot of black frosting on top works just as good)
Red hots

1. Melt the Almond Bark in 90 seconds intervals.
2. Once melted, dip the cookie into the almond bark. I put the cookies on a fork help cover the cookies when I dipped them. One covering is plenty.
3. Carefully slide the cookie off the fork and transfer onto parchment paper to cool and harden.
4. Place the eyes and red hot on. Finish by breaking apart a pretzel for the antlers. I dipped them into the almond bark before placing ontop of the cookie to ensure they were secure.

Piece of cake (or cookie!)

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