Our 4 Best Baking Shows

As a professed addict of The Food Network, cooking and baking shows always hit the spot, especially those with tasty baked goods. In honor of the holiday season where cakes, loaves and pies galore fill every household, here is our list of the best baking shows out there!


Ace of Cakes


Sadly this show isn’t on the air anymore, but when it was, it was everything. The magical creations Duff and his team made with cake?! Inspirational and magnificent, this show displayed edible art at its finest.

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Cupcake Wars


A good cupcake can brighten anyone’s day, and watching pastry chefs compete in Cupcake Wars makes a day even better. Whether holiday themed or for an anniversary, the lengths the chefs go to in order to create a “wow” display with cupcakes is both exciting to watch and pleasing to the eye.





The Great British Bake Off (or The Great British Baking Show in the US)


This show delivers wit and charm, weaved within various challenges that test the chefs’s technical and creative abilities. From delectable cheesecakes to delicate french cookies, you will see most everything in the baking repertoire on this show. Plus, the accents are fun to listen to.






Holiday Baking Championship


Baking and the holiday season go hand in hand, so of course there just has to be a competition to find the best of the best! Themes galore rock this show, and it will definitely kick start your holiday spirit.




Honorable Mentions

  • Barefoot Contessa
    • This show is a mixture of everything, but when it focuses on desserts… YUM!
  • Good Eats
    • Alton Brown knows what he is talking about, and watching him bake is instructive and humorous.
  • Cake Boss
    • Another cake show with madness and creativity, but loyalty to Ace of Cakes prevents this from making the list!

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